Since man has stopped being nomadic, we have had the wish to decorate our environment. Whether abstract or in harmony with the environment it stands, art pieces will in no doubt add year round quality to an outdoor setting. Forged from bronze or iron with naturally oxidized to one of the beautiful paint finishes available, such works are ever more appreciated as a centre piece in a garden.  

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Rosenbogen 1  (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Bonn Rohrkolben, (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse).Bad Honnef Bronze washing line, (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Coloued Wind 1. (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Young Foal, Kunstschmied Mark Prouse Bottle Tree, Kunstschmied Mark Prouse Hanging Garden, Kunstschmied Mark Prouse Coloued Wind 1. (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Bronze Rose de Tobiac Coloued Wind 1. (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Coloued Wind 2. (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) King of Flowers ( (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Water Lilly  (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Solo Clematis (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Blowing with the Wind  (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Cactus (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Bulrushes (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Fox Glove  (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse)Bad Honnef  Forged Dandelion (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) „Muscling In“2, Mark Prouse Kunstschmied „Muscling In“ Mark Prouse Kunstschmied. Bad Honnef „Iron Fungus Forged Cattus, Mark Prouse Kunstschmied Forged iron Fern 1, Mark Prouse Kunstschmied Forged iron Fern, Mark Prouse Kunstschmied Rose Arch 2, Mark Prouse Kunstschmied Forged Bullrushes (mark Prouse Kunstschmied) Rose Arch, Mark Prouse Kunstschmied img_3163.jpg Australian Black Boy, Kunstschmied Mark Prouse Praying Mantis, Kunstschmied Mark Prouse Spider, Kunstschmied Mark Prouse Rosenbogen  (Kunstschmied, Mark Prouse) Bonn