Artist Blacksmith Mark Prouse

1981-1985             Formally trained as artist blacksmith,                      

                             Abingerhammer Forge, Abingerhammer, England


1980-1990            Worked in various workshops including:

                             - Abingerhammer Forge, Abingerhammer, England

                            - Beaconsfield Forge, Woking, England

                            - Atelier Zimmermann, Pliezhausen, Germany

                            - Weis Iron Workshop, Toowoomba, Australia


1990-2000           Selfemployed with own workshop in:

                            - Coromandel, New Zealand

                            - Hampton, Australia

                            - Toowoomba, Australia


2000-2004           Worked for Elefantus, Cairns, Australia,

                            and during this time completed many private

                            commissioned and non commissioned works. 


2004-2010           Worked for "Kunstschmiede Ziebarth",

                            Düsseldorf, Germany


2010                     Selfemployed as artist blacksmith and freelance         artist,

                             Hilden, Germany   


since 2016            Selfemployed as artist blacksmith and freelance

                             Vettelschoss, Germany      


Mark Prouse Kunstschmied